Where Are They Now? Ben H. Nguyen – Class of 2010

Alumni #WhereAreTheyNow Spotlight: Ben H. Nguyen – Class of 2010

As an immigrant-refugee from Vietnam, and a first generation American and college graduate, Ben has lived a tale of ambition, hardship and persistence that has allowed his own freedom in America. In 2010, Ben graduated from Elsie Allen High School being the first from his family to graduate from High School and attend college, being accepted to the prestigious Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. He initially did not know what he wanted to do but he reflected on his experiences he had at Elsie Allen High School like joining band, multiple clubs, and the lessons he learned at the University Center, and he realized his true passion was helping others and engineering robots. Once he graduated from Dartmouth he participated in the Teach America program and was immediately placed as a Corps Member/Teacher where he taught regular, honors and AP physics at Sunrise Mountain High School in North Eastern Las Vegas. 

He says that his teaching experiences through the Teach America program reminded him of the great teachers he had at Elsie Allen High School, as well as his classmates. He went to the University of Las Vegas to receive his Master’s in Secondary Science Instruction. Since 2014, he has been teaching Manufacturing Technology and Robotics at Sunrise Mountain High School. He loves challenging his students and he is incredibly grateful for the opportunity he now has to inspire, mold and guide the next generation of skilled youth in the digital era. Ontop of teaching he works for a tech startup, called GRADD (Global Robot and Drone Deployment) where he utilizes robots, drones and software to solve industry-level needs. He is a huge proponent of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and volunteers alot of his time to promote STEM opportunities for all throughout the State of Nevada. 

The state of Nevada is lucky to have him as a teacher, and the EAHS Foundation is proud to #Spotlight the incredible Ben H. Nguyen. And we will leave you with his message to current EAHS Students: “Never forget where you come from as your story will, with the right guidance, be one of our greatest motivations towards self-mastery and ultimate success on your terms.”