Story Spotlight

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Daniel Estupiñan

Class of 2019

Engineering, Stanford University

As a computer engineer major, Daniel just finished his sophomore year at Stanford University and is off to intern at Amazon in Seattle this summer. Being super smart does not make one immune to the challenges of being first generation. Both of Daniel’s parents are Mexican immigrants and while it was always expected that he and his three sisters would attend college, he credits his EAHS teachers and mentors for putting prestigious universities like Stanford on his radar and for helping him navigate the complexities of college applications and financial aid. His gratitude extends to the EAHS Foundation: “The Foundation covered my books when I took classes at Sonoma State junior and senior year and cut the costs of my AP testing fees and college applications in half. If it wasn’t for that monetary cushion, that support, I probably wouldn’t have been so ambitious with my choices. The other resource that helped me out was the field trips to different colleges. Those field trips definitely can open students’ eyes and just being there and picturing yourself there as a student can go a long way.”