Story Spotlight

Priscila Magallan

Priscila Magallan

Class of 2023

Student, Elsie Allen High School

Low-income students of color experience significant challenges in and outside of school that can create barriers to higher education. However, despite the struggles they face, students like Priscila Magallan are determined to overcome them, with the help of the Elsie Allen High School Foundation. Priscila moved to Santa Rosa two years ago with her mother and sister to flee her abusive father. She was homeless and living in a shelter when she started attending EAHS. Despite the incredible hardships she faced, Priscila worked hard, invested in herself and her community and has just learned that she has received a full-ride scholarship to Davidson College in North Carolina.

“Financial issues should never be a barrier to education and success. Scholarships are what allow low-income determined students like me to pursue an education. So if you are thinking about donating please feel free to donate to our school. Any donation is greatly appreciated and would contribute to our longer-lasting education.”- Priscila Magallan

To learn more about Priscila and about how to help other students like her, visit our Donation page.